Reasons for Why Capital smart city islamabad is called Smart City

Smart City has 6 components which will also be fulfill by Capital Smart city Islamabad :

  1. Smart People
  2. Smart Economy
  3. Smart Environment
  4. Smart Government
  5. Smart Mobility
  6. Smart Living

Capital Smart city Islamabad


Smart cities are not all about high end technology, complete digitization and other Grandiose Visions. A smart city is what makes life easier for residents by automating routine functions and providing basic amenities to them in routine.

Here is development update of Capital smart city islamabad …..

The three main features of Capital Smart City :

– 1. A smart city Islamabad should be based on the concept of egalitarianism, all people be treated in an equal and fair manner such that the resources are properly distributed and Poverty removed absolutely.

2. A Capital smart city incorporates basic transportation, health, education and housing network for its citizens such that life becomes easier and the entire population accommodated.

3. A well educated and aware citizenry such that people are aware of their rights as well as duties. Human development is a chief component of the overall development of a nation. It is high time that efforts be made to broaden our horizons and give up social stigmas and prejudices and only then we can call ourselves truly ‘smart’.

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