Capital Smart City Islamabad has increased their Prices by 15%

Capital Smart City Islamabad has increased their prices by 15%

Capital Smart City has finally announced 15% increase in its residential plot prices, which is applicable from 24th of June 2019. The prices were expected to be increased by 30% after the launch of Executive block, however the society has opted for rational increase in prices due to the ongoing slump in property market.

There are actually 2 options given in the new payment plan, which are given as under:

  1. 15% increase in prices with same 3 years installment plan
  2. 10% increase in prices with 2.5 years installment plan

 The New Prices and payment Plans have been finalized and shared with relevant circles. If you have been delaying your decision to book your plot in Capital Smart City. It is important to act buy or before 22th June 2019. There will be no extension of dates to book a plot on old prices. So will you end oup paying 15% extra for delaying your discussion.

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