Bahria Town Karachi Projects

Bahria Town is Asia Largest Real estate developers and making a mark in the landscape of Karachi with its Pakistan First world-class master planned community Called “  Bahria Town Karachi ” This community is designed with a neighborhood concept to provide outstanding lifestyle facilities to its residents and will introduce new benchmarks of community development in Pakistan.

Area of Bahria Town Karachi:

  • Total Land area of bahria Town Karachi In acre is 44160 acres
  • Bahria Karachi size in total area in km is 178 km²
  • Covered Area of Bahria Karachi in Sq Mile is 70.

Location of Bahria Town Karachi:

Bahria Town in Karachi is located at a very prime location on Hyderabad-Karachi  Super Highway which is also called M9 Motorway or Super Highway. Bahria Karachi Location is at a distance of about 9 KM from Super Highway Toll Plaza and about 25 KM from Jinnah International Airport Karachi. It’s distance from City center would be about 20 minutes via Bus Rapid Transport BRT which is another project of bahriaTown Karachi which will be start soon.

Here isBahria Town Karachi Satellite View and Areal View…..

Here is Bahria Town Karachi Google Map and BTK Google map location..

Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi : 

BahriaTown Karachi has total 59 Precincts which is divided into following projects

  • Old Btk or Old Bahria town Karachi Precincts are from Precicnt 1 to 33
  • Bahria Sports city Precincts are from Precinct 34 to 45
  • Bahria Paradise precincts are from Precinct 46 to 59
  • Bahria Golf city is in Precinct 20
  • Ali Block 125 sy Plots are in Precinct 12


Market Trend Analyses of Bahria Town Karachi :

Click here for details of Market trend Analyses….

Residential Plots for sale in Bahria Town Karachi :

Bahria town Karachi has following sizes Residential Plots

  • Bahria Karachi 125 sq yards Plots
  • Bahria Karachi 250 sq Yards Plots
  • Bahria Karachi 500 sq yards Plots
  • Bahria Karachi 1000 sq yards plots
  • Bahria Karachi 2000 sq yards plots

Bahria Town Karachi Maps:

Click here for BahriaTownKarachi all Precincts maps


Villas for sale in Bahria Town Karachi :

Following sizes villas are for sale in Bahria Karachi :

  • 125 sq yard Villas in Bahria Karachi
  • 200 sq yards Villas in Bahria Karachi
  • 350 sq yards Villas in Bahria Karachi

Bahria town Karachi Prices:

Bahria Town Karachi Plot Prices in 2019

Bahria Homes for sale  in Bahria Town Karachi :

Following sizes homes are for sale in BahriaTown Karachi :

  • 150 sq yard Bahria Homes in Bahria Karachi
  • 200 sq yards Bahria Homes in Bahria Karachi

Here is Balloting Results of Bahria Town Karachi files 2018….

Balloting of files in Bahria Town Karachi:

90 % of files in Bahria Karachi are Balloted but some of files of plots and homes are still  Unballoted , Bahria Karachi management will done the balloting of the remining files very soon

Click Here for Details of Blocked Files Of Bahria Town Karachi

Click Here for latest Balloting News of Bahria Town Karachi

Latest Projects of Bahria Town Karachi:

Other Projects of Bahria Town Karachi:

  • Old Bahria Residential Plots
  • Old Bahria Commercial
  • Bahria Icon Tower

Plots on Installments in Bahria Town Karachi :

In Bahria Karachi plots are available on installments in these two projects


Bahria Town Karachi Latest News & Updates :


Here are all recent news of Bahria Karachi………


Development Progress of Bahria Town Karachi :

Bahria Town Management has fulfill their promise to complete development of almost many precincts of bahria Karachi , Bahria Town has spended 1800 Billion rupees on development of bahria Karachi , Most of area is ready for immediate possession in Bahria Karachi .

Here is Bahria TownKarachi Satellite View of Development …..

Here is Central Park Bahria Paradise Development Status…..

Click Here more Development Status of all precincts ….


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