Bahria Paradise Karachi Project

Bahria paradise Karachi is one of the best and most luxurious projects of Bahria Town Karachi projects. Bahria paradise Karachi is famous for it’s excellent

  • Infrastructures
  • Entertainment points
  • Central Park
  • Taj Mah monuments
  • Luxury villas

It is a lifestyle community that is inspired by the Central Park area in New York. Bahria paradise Karachi is a unique project in terms of facilities provided. It has best precincts among all the units inside the mega project that is the Bahria town itself. It will have every feature and facility that other projects within Bahria Town will have and a lot more to ensure that it becomes the best and most facilitated project. Moreover, the Bahria paradise precinct 56 map also includes a replica of the famous monument of sub-continent, Tajmahal Agra.

Location of Bahria Paradise Karachi:

The Bahria town paradise Karachi location is also disclosed. It is in East of  Grand Jama Masjid in the Bahria Town Karachi. The Grand Jama Masjid is said to be the largest mosque of Pakistan & 3rd Largest in World. Bahria paradise payment plan offers possession in 2 years and installments for 4 years which seems to be pretty much comfortable for all type of investors and for living purpose.

Bahria Paradise Karachi map

The Uniqueness of Bahria Paradise Karachi:

Below mentioned are some of the features that makes Bahria Paradise Karachi a unique experience within the Bahria Town:

  • A TajMahal replica in Bahria Paradise Precinct 56.
  • Central New York Park on 64 Acre land in Bahria Paradise Precinct 54.
  • Carnival Park in Precinct 50 Bahria Paradise.
  • Site For Go Cart in Bahria Paradise Precinct46.
  • Park, Zoo & Botanical Garden of 147 Acre in Bahria Paradise Precinct 52.
  • State of Art Hospital in Precinct 53 Bahria Paradise.
  • Five Star Hotel on 18 Acre land in Precinct 54 Bahria Paradise.
  • 500 sq yards Bahria Paradise Luxury Villa in Precinct 51.
  • Schools, Parks, Commerical areas & Masjid in Precinct 46, Precinct 47, Precinct 48, Precinct 49 , Precinct 50 , Precinct 51, Precinct 52, Precinct 53 , Precinct 54 ,Precinct 55, Precinct 56 Precinct 57 ,Precinct 58 , Precinct 59.
  • Beautiful view of Langeji River Bahria paradise Crossing Precinct 48 , Precinct 52, Precinct 51 , Precinct 49, Precinct 50, Precinct 55
bahria paradise karachi

Central Park Bahria Paradise Precinct 54

Bahria Paradise Karachi
Precinct 52

Zoo & Garden Area Precinct 52

Bahria Paradise Karachi
precinct 56

Residential Plots Sizes In Bahria Paradise

Bahria paradise Karachi has Different sizes of Residential plots which includes 250 sq yards , 500 sq yards & 1000 sq yards Residential plots

  • Bahria Paradise 250sq yards plots are in Precinct 46, Precinct 47, Precinct 48, Precinct 49, Precinct 52, Precinct 53 & Precinct54.
  • Bahria Paradise 500sq yards plots are in Precinct 56, Precinct 57, Precinct 58, Precinct 53, Precinct 55,Precinct54 & Precinct 58.
  • Bahria Paradise 1000sq yards plots are in Precinct 56, Precinct 57 & Precinct 58.

Distance of Bahria Paradise Karachi From Main Entrance:

  • Distance of Bahria Paradise Karachi Precinct 46 from Bahria Main Entrance (Hiway) is 6 km.
  • Distance of Bahria Paradise Karachi Entrance (Precinct 47&49) from Bahria Main Entrance (Hiway)  is 10 km.

Entrances of Bahria Paradise Karachi:

  • Bahria Paradise Karachi has 3 Entrances expected.
  • 1st entrance is near precinct 46 located in the south of precinct 16.
  • 2nd Entrance is near precinct 47 & 49 which is in North of Precinct 16.
  • The Nearest entrance to Main Gate of Bahria Town Karachi is Precinct 46 Entrance which is in the south of Precinct 16.
  • The 3rd entrance will be Between Precinct 55 & Precinct 56 from Main Jinnah Avenue crossing Precinct 27 & Precinct 28.

Best Precincts for Investment:

  • Best Precinct for Bahria Paradise 250sq yards plots are in Precinct 46, Precinct 48, Precinct 52 & Precinct54.
  • Best Precinct for Bahria Paradise 500sq yards plots is in Precinct 50 & Precinct 51.
  • Best Precinct for Bahria Paradise 1000sq yards plots is in Precinct 56.

Bahria Paradise Villas:

Bahria Paradise Villas are 5 Bed luxury villas cover 500 sq yards, Bahria Town will construct these all Villas and Construction is on fast pace on these villas, Bahria Paradise Model Villa will be open soon for the public.

Here is Villas Possession & development details…. Click here

The Payment Plan:

4 Year easy Quarterly installment plan of Paradise Residential Plots and Paradise Villas is given Below

Bahria Paradise Karachi
Bahria Paradise Karachi prices

How to Buy Plot?

Till April 2018 Three installments have been paid of Bahria Paradise Project & 4th Installment is due on 7 May 2018, To Buy Plot every Buyer has to pay 3 Installment + Downpayment(also includes Processing fee) + own (Depends on Location)

Own is the premium money on plots and villas depending on Location within precincts and Plots Categories, You can call us to check Latest rates of Bahria Paradise.

Against Token (Bayana) you can book plot and remaining payment will be paid in 14 days, After remaining payment plot will be transferred to your name from Bahria Town Head Offices and rest of remaining 13 Installment will be paid in 3 years in quarterly Installments.

Bahria Paradise Launching date:

Bahria Paradise Karachi was announced on 27th April 2017. It was such a hit that more than 8000 properties were booked within the first week. It had the largest and highest booking rate among every project within the Bahria Town History.

Development Status of Bahria Paradise Karachi:

Development in Bahria Paradise Karachi is on the fast pace, Some of the precincts are developed and some are under development. The developed prints are Precinct 47, Precinct 48, Precinct 50, Precinct 48, Precinct 51. The precincts under development are precinct 54 and all other precincts. We are here to give information, guide you, and provide services regarding Bahria Town Karachi and Bahria Paradise Karachi.

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