Bahria Golf City Karachi

Bahria Golf City Karachi Residential Community for golf fans which move toward becoming the  image of an exclusive class way of life has no another practically identical group in Pakistan, Bahria Golf city Karachi is formed of 36 openings Bahria golf city:

About the Project:

Bahria golf city is situated in Karachi, it is the initial 27 opening PGA standard green and 9 gaps short course. Bahria town aggregate has presented this world-class golf group for golf darlings and it will end up being the image of the world-class way of life in Pakistan. Bahria town golf city is propelled by emirates slopes Dubai.

Bahria golf city Karachi Plots:

In Bahria golf city Karachi, there are 500, 1000 and 2000 square yards private plots and extravagance homes. Bahria golf city is 12km far from the principal door of Bahria town Karachi which is situated on Karachi Hyderabad motorway. Bahria town Karachi presents to you an awesome city with the sound condition, it enables the general population to live under secure and excellent conditions.

You are given a town having the universal present-day way of life for its occupants and giving genuine incentive to cash. The security parameters are high t Bahria golf city, you may not locate the best of the securities on different urban areas in like manner golf city of Bahria Karachi.

The limits of entire town will be checked through satellites with the end goal of security. The framework of the venture is composed by keeping in see every one of the availabilities of phone, mosques and drug stores alongside one of a kind group wellbeing offices closest to your home.

Bahria golf city has intended to fabricate exclusive requirement secondary schools and universities by keeping in see the need of value instruction and to make important individuals into the group.

Business zones are additionally being produced for the advantages of purchasers in the town, group focuses are likewise working to upgrade the corporate greed in the town and to better existences of the occupants here. The Golf city has furnished the occupants with all day, everyday security, beautiful walkways and access to the golf club.

For the business group and financial specialists, Bahria golf city could have been an awesome opportunity. Every global brand is likewise accessible under one rooftop by the kindness of Bahria golf city. Bahria golf city Karachi is the principal ever night lit hitting the fairway office which is roused by emirates slopes Dubai.

It has turned into an excellent blend of lodging buildings manufactured delightfully around the green. Other than green, the improvement takes a shot at lodging is additionally at pace. The houses and plots at the city are exhibiting entrancing perspectives of the green which surpasses the esteem and excellence of the houses. It is completely surge lit fairway of the nation with 36 PGA standard gaps, additionally taking golf to the following level in Pakistan.

It will be an affair for the inhabitants of Bahria golf city to watch the diversion from their homes. One foot is at their home and the other at rich green fields of the fairway. The green at Bahria golf city additionally includes openings for preparing and for kids also.

Bahria GA Standard Golf course:

Bahria town is right now the biggest private land venture which is Bahria town Karachi, numerous families are making the most of their rich way of life under the mark of Bahria town. GA Standard Golf course out of which just about 17 gaps are finished and have the extremely delightful area in Bahria town Karachi

Following sizes, residential plots are accessible in Bahria Golf City Karachi

  • 500 sq yards
  • 1000 sq yards
  • 2000 sq yards
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